Casa Sanctum

Casa Sanctum

Sarasota artist Dominika Zabczyk is the visionary behind Casa Sanctum, a luxury design studio and a full line of nature-inspired candles. Designed to awaken all the senses, Casa Sanctum candles are clean, free from toxic fumes, 100% vegan, and sustainable.

In addition, a portion of the Casa Sanctum collection includes a variety of abstract art prints, each inspired by organic shapes and patterns commonly found in nature.

Many of the candle vessels offered by Casa Sanctum were designed and created by the Sarasota artist, ensuring 100% handmade quality and authenticity of many available items.

Additionally, every candle was inspired by nature, complete with sophisticated woodsy, earthy, and floral fragrances that elevate your mood and transfer you to the middle of the lush garden, mountain cabin, or endless fields of flowers.

CASA SANCTUM was born from love, inspired by nature, and made using all-natural, environmentally sustainable ingredients. Inspired by textures and patterns in nature,
Casa Sanctum creates unique, luxury-designed works to elevate everyday life and set an atmosphere of grounding and connection with our natural environment.

As a Sarasota artist, Zabczyk’s main goal is to create products that are sustainable and harmonious with nature. She takes inspiration from her many trips to Italy and Greece. Each design she creates incorporates the authentic beauty of European architecture in harmony with nature. This thought is reflected in all of her designs, making timeless creations that naturally look good in the space without overwhelming it.